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Tiffany Yeh, VP of Entrepreneurship

Tiffany Yeh, currently a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania, is driven by her goal to improve the development and dissemination of health technologies in resource-limited settings. Originally from Taiwan, she graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering. She then worked at Novartis for a year with the academic relations team, where she developed and launched an innovator development program in both the US and Switzerland. In addition to her research at MIT on using magnetic materials to enhance drug delivery to tumors, Tiffany has worked in countries on five different continents, partnering with intergovernmental organizations, schools, non-profits, and companies on initiatives ranging from entrepreneurship and education, to health policy and systems strengthening. Tiffany aims to work with both government and industry to shape policies around technologies for global health.


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