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Matias Porras Paniagua, VP of Finance

Previous Positions: 2018 VP of Ventures/Internships

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Matias grew up in Venezuela, Nigeria and Costa Rica before coming to the United States. Having been exposed to various environments at a young age inspired Matias to pursue science and engineering with the hopes of improving the human condition at a global scale. Matias spent his undergraduate days studying Chemical-Biological Engineering at MIT and conducting research at the Koch Integrative Institute for Cancer Research in polymer-based drug delivery systems.

After his undergraduate studies, Matias worked for two years in the Bay Area for Genentech, Inc as an analyst in the Operations Rotational Development Program (ORDP) while pursuing his Master of Science at Stanford University in Management Science & Engineering. Matias gained expertise in the following areas of Operations: small molecule GMP manufacturing processes, machine learning applications to pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic profiles of new products, forecasting, long-range planning and capital asset finance. While at Genentech and Stanford, Matias became very interested in entrepreneurship and Venture Capital in the life sciences.

He decided to complement his skillset by pursuing a doctorate in Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania through the NIBIB-HHMI Interfaces Program. The HHMI program allows Matias to pursue the pre-clinical curriculum of the Perelman School of Medicine and pursue engineering coursework in biomedical imaging. Ultimately Matias hopes to pursue a career in Venture Capital / Entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences where he can empower teams to bring forth technological innovations that will impact the therapeutic landscape.


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