Jacqueline Soegaard

Jacqueline Söegaard (MIT Biological Engineering ‘12, Perelman School of Medicine Class of 2017) does not like to wait for change - she likes tackling problems in an analytic, iterative fashion that leads to impactful real-time improvements. This personality trait underlies her interests in surgery and clinical informatics alike. 

Believing that many of the issues that plague the health care system are not clinical in nature, Jacqueline co-founded and continues to help grow the PSOM’s Healthcare Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (H-MET) Certificate program and its umbrella organization, Penn HealthX. She hopes that the early exposure and applied opportunities afforded by these programs will prepare the next generation of physicians to innovate in an evolving healthcare system.

During her year-out Clinical Informatics Internship at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital System, Jacqueline enjoys addressing complex systems-wide challenges. Currently, she is busy implementing the health system’s new mobile handoff tool and establishing phone and video as alternatives to in-clinic postoperative follow-up. She looks forward to applying in General Surgery for the 2017 intern class.

Jacqueline previously served as Penn HealthX's Chief of Staff.


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