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Brian Choi, MBA, FACC: Chief Medical Information Officer, and Co-Director of Advanced Cardiac Imaging in the Division of Cardiology at George Washington University

  • JMEC 511 Philadelphia, PA 19104 (map)

HealthX is excited to have Dr. Brian Choi join us for a lunch discussion on the “Medicine ‘Plus’ Career” on April 22nd 1pm in JMEC 511! Here are some of the cool things I learned about Dr. Choi:

  • He held a full-time job at Pfizer’s new product development division WHILE HE WAS A MEDICAL STUDENT here at Penn

  • He got his MBA at Wharton before pursuing an MD

  • After years of experience working in industry (Medtronic, AIG and Pfizer), he decide to return to academic medicine and has subsequently held many leadership positions

  • He specializes in non-invasive cardiovascular imaging including cardiovascular CT and MRI, nuclear cardiology and echocardiography

  • As the current Chief Medical Information Officer at GW University Hospital, he is leading the revamp of their EMR system


Dr. Choi will be talking to us about his journey and products that he helped develop in the medical device, pharma, biotech, payer and digital health industries. By the end of the talk, you will learn more about:

  • In a high-risk/high-reward field, enjoying the process is as important as the outcome

  • Practicing medicine and a simultaneous non-clinical career are not mutually exclusive (and need not come at the expense of a meaningful non-professional life)

  • Opportunities will come from a variety of sources -- understand your appetite for risk, the value you will contribute, and the big picture