David Rub

Vigilant Biosciences

Vigilant Biosciences is a start-up oncology company whose first products are to aid in diagnosis or oral cancer. As a whole the cancer screening industry is massive, however screening development is widely variable depending on the type of cancer.  Vigilant’s two products, the OncAlert Oral Cancer Lab Test and The OncAlert Oral Cancer Rapid Test both use CD44 and total protein detection technology licensed from the University of Miami to detect early stage Oral Cancer. Their strategy is to detect cancer before any physical anomalies are present by focusing on a cancer cell marker known as the “Hermes Antigen” which is known to help cancers “hone in on” lymphoid tissue. David developed market and financial analyses for products at various life-cycle stages, using knowledge gained from the laboratory to improve operational development of the products, learning the factors important to the success of products in the biotech industry, and presented his findings to the company to expand on product market viability.


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