Penn HealthX

The Healthcare Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (H-MET) Certificate Program at the Perelman School of Medicine aims to enable future physicians to become leaders in our evolving health care system. Through coursework, workshops, and real-world experiences, the H-MET Certificate Program gives medical students the fundamental tools they need to turn an innovative idea into a policy, business, or product.



  1. Seminar Attendance: Students must attend a minimum of twelve (12) seminars during their time at PSOM. This requirement can be fulfilled by attending lectures from a series organized by PennHealthX. In addition, PennHealthX will use its newsletter to periodically publicize other lectures, conferences, and presentations from across campus that may be counted towards this requirement.

  2. Capstone Project: Students must complete an internship or research experience during their fourth year in which they explore their interest in a PennHealthX topic in greater depth. All approved experiences must involve a deliverable to be submitted to the certificate committee prior to graduation.

  3. Other Requirements: Students must complete any two (2) of the following options.

    Completion of one (1) content-appropriate course from the Health Care Management major at Wharton or another department within the University of Pennsylvania. This course can be funded via PSOM’s Additional Course Policy.

    Completion of one (1) content-appropriate Frontiers in Medical Science course during Module 5 of the PSOM curriculum.

    One (1) other meaningful and educational experience. See the download below for examples.
    Download list of approved courses and educational experiences.


Students interested in completing the H-MET Certificate should contact the VPs of Curriculum, Elana Meer ( and Raymond Liu (, to start the accounting process.