Barthalomew Sillah

Healthcare investment in East Africa

I spent my summer at Excelsior Group, a Nairobi based firm managed by Wharton alumni. The firm has three branches: Ventures, which invests in scalable healthcare business; Advisors, which leads in healthcare advisory and capital placement; and Foundation, which works to develop Africa's healthcare workforce. During the summer, I worked with the Advisors team. Much of my work involved investment environment and market sizing within the pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare providers sectors. For my primary project, I developed a business strategy and model for a Tanzanian pharmaceutical retailer wanting to expand its operations to Kenya.

There is tremendous opportunity for healthcare in East Africa and across the continent. Populations are growing and GDPs continue to increase. The burden of infectious disease remains high as burden of chronic disease continues to grow. Many challenges, however, continue to hinder growth, including weak infrastructures, untrained personnel, and poor regulation. These challenges leave much room for innovative solutions. There are multiple mid- and large-sized deals being made in the healthcare sector annually. Kenya in particular has countless opportunities in the pharma, provider, and devices sectors. Now is the time to invest in healthcare in Africa.


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